Winter Will Be Here Before You Know It

Arrange for commercial plowing and salting services in the Hermon, ME area

It's never too early to think about snow and ice management. Northeast Land Solutions can provide salting and plowing services to make your Hermon, ME area property safer to navigate after a snowstorm.

Our seasonal contracts cover commercial plowing and salting activities between December 1 and April 1. Call 207-356-6592 now to sign up for a contract.

We're proactive and reactive

Preventing snow and ice buildup requires two solutions: plowing and salting. We can apply salt to high-traffic surfaces prior to a snowstorm, to lower their freezing point and prevent them from icing over. Once snow has accumulated, we'll bring in commercial plowing equipment to clear your parking lot, sidewalks and other high-traffic surfaces.

Icy surfaces are a liability, but you can reduce your risk by arranging for salting and plowing services. Contact us today to increase the safety of your Hermon, ME area property.